Review: Albert (iOS)

There are many way to approach a review of Albert for the iOS. With its whimsical art style and quick short puzzles, Albert could be easily defined as a children’s game. Yet, there’s a depth to the experience and gameplay that means it’s also very accessible to an adult player. The short, varied tasks that you perform varies from task to task and are kept very short, maybe 2-3 minutes apiece. This makes Albert ideal for a little fun on breaks or in an elevator, although some of the tasks would surely have people looking askance at you.

The unique allure of Albert is that it makes use of all of the special functions of the iOS platform. Of course the swipe and the tilt technology are used wonderfuly in the game, but the game also has you blowing and whistling at your mobile device. The game also utilizes the Retinal Display of your device for truly charming -and sometimes stunning- three-dimensions visuals. All of the images were created by Chloé Mazio and her style is felt throughout the game. Albert truly makes use of all of the special functions on your device and weaves them together for some quick, easy fun.

I’m not going to say that Albert is the pinnacle of what the iOS platform is capable of. It is a simple game and very short. However, it does represent a gateway application of sorts. With companies beginning to pay more attention to mobile gaming as a viable platform, it is very important that examples exist as to what the platform is capable of. Albert does this. It is an excellent example of some innovative ways that the iOS can expand gameplay to move than the tap and swipe we’re all so familiar with.

Is it a deep and engrossing game? No, it’s like popcorn, light and fluffy but not very filling. Does it hint at some exciting possibilities for gameplay in the future as well as add more variety and viability for the iOS as a gaming platform? Very much so. Albert was created by Fingerlab and is currently free on iTunes. The free version comes with 10 tasks, but you can purchase another 10 for $1.99. I’m not sure I’d say -given how quickly the free 10 task went- if doble the tasks is really worth $2.00, but it’s definitely worth downloading and playing the free version.


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