My Favorite

I talk a lot about video games and books and movies and clearly these are a few of my very favorite things, but I want to take today to share with you and honor what I consider the most important part of my life: my wife.My Love, My Muse, My Life

I’ve known Jennifer Lauren England-Burnside since I was in college at the University Of Oklahoma where we dated for a little over two years.  I was foolish and let her go at that time and did not meet her again until after returning to Oklahoma in 2008.  We renewed our friendship in 2009.  At the time, I was thoroughly battered by a destructive and failed marriage.  I was in a very dark place and was resolved to remain single because of that.  Jennifer’s light and joy pierced through the veil I was thrown over my heart and repaired some very serious damage to my soul.

Jennifer is a brilliant and insightful woman.  She loves books and children and has a smile that could light the world.  Her heart is overflowing with love and concern and she has made me a better man by association.  I had closed my mind and my heart to things that challenged or could hurt me, but she forced me to re-evaluate my views and regain some of the passion and optimism I’d had as a young man.  She reinvigorated in me a desire to engage in honest seeking, to approach life and the world with a desire to know and do more, to be more.

One year ago today, I was blessed to be able to call this miraculous woman my wife.  Of all the joys and pleasures in my life, Jennifer –my Buttercup– is the foremost.  She is my love, my muse, my life.  Jen, I will always love you, eternally.


3 thoughts on “My Favorite

  1. Ninnifer is such a wonderful person, Dennis and I are very lucky to have her as our big sister! You’re an awesome guy too, Sean, and you two make a great couple because of it. We were all excited for many reasons to hear you were getting married, but mostly because she genuinely deserves the love and happiness you’ve brought back into her life. I know there were some hiccups, but everyone had a great time at your wedding and Jenny looked beautiful in her wedding dress. Happy anniversary! I can rest easier on this deployment knowing my big sister is happy again.


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