There’s not much to say at this moment.  It would be a gross misrepresentation not to say that I am overjoyed by the events of the Presidential election.  I am a staunch Obama supporter.  I believe in his vision.

I will also allow that the election dispelled some of my more cynical and pessimistic expectations for the night.  This election cycle has been so rife with lies and deception and it’s my perception that people respond more often to easy answers and fear than to logic and hope.  Tonight proved me wrong and I am more than pleased to admit that.

My primary message though, is not one of smugness or ridicule.  It’s of purpose.  This country need unity, not enmity.  The results of this race will no doubt enrage a large portion of the populace.  Pundits and talking (butt) heads will take to the airwaves tomorrow crying foul or foretelling doom.   They cannot help it, it is how they earn their million dollar subsistence.

Now is the time to put away discussion of birth records, rampant socialism, and class warfare.  Now is the time to reach across aisles and find compromise.  Now is the time to call your representatives and make them understand that America has spoken and its message is clear: hope has won out over fear, truth over lies.  We want a government that seeks to build together, not tear apart.

We can build a better future for ourselves and our children.  Tonight is proof of that.



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