I very much want to write something about the Connecticut tragedy, but the sheer horror of it is rendering me incapable of anything more than an enraged diatribe about the skewed culture and political excrement that has made this possible.  There are plenty of people who will have what they think are informed opinions about what has occurred or will dust off their tired, insignificant talking points to defend soome indefensible thing.  I counter with twenty-six faces that never had the opportunity to see the morning sun or wonder at the presents under their Christmas trees or even smile again.  I advised everyone take a page from the President’s book and give these souls their deserved moment of silence and introspection.  I plan to discuss this, but I want to give the police more time to truly investigate this monstrous, inhuman act before I say anything.  Instead, I’m going to opt for a more optimistic topic: The Hobbit.



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