OK, so I’ve started the design for the page; this will be an ongoing process for the next couple of weeks as I tidy-up and rearrange, but this is a good start.  This post is going to talk a bit about myself, my book and this page and what I now write will then later be formatted and copied into the About page.

My name is Sean Patrick Burnside and I’m writing my first novel.  Well, first seven novels.  Or so.  I’m married and live in Oklahoma with my lovely wife Jennifer and our three dogs: Boomer, Millie, and Daisy.  I work for a technology company doing off-site support.  I am a storyteller at heart, and have been writing for years, but never in a specific enough manner to generate a novel.  I think we live in a cynical, backwards-facing world these days, where science and discovery, where imagination and intelligence are devalued or demonized and I feel steampunk is a cultural backlash against that dark age mentality.  Based largely in a world of Victorian social repressiveness, adherents to steampunk see technology as the great revolutionizer, the tool to correct any injustice, to solve any problem.  Fanciful or factual, steampunk imagines a world made better by unfettered imagination, by technology.  Therefore, I’ve chosen to make my books within a steampunk world.  It’s too bad we don’t live in that world.  Well, enough about my screed…

My novels will all be based in an alternate reality 19th century, starting in the year 1888.  The name of the series will be called the Shattered Clockwork Saga.  A reality shattering catastrophe that occurred nearly 50 years prior has left the world a much different place.  The Empire of Britannia is still the foremost world power, although the dark corners of the world are beginning to teem with menace and danger.  My books will follow a handful of characters, linked by fate but each leading their own adventure. My plan is to tell a massive 7-book story arc with individual books encompassing their own individual story as well.  I also plan on creating at least a single anthology of short tales from within this alternate world, separate by connected to the larger events.  I might also invite other authors into this endeavor as well.

This site was created to share with others the journey that I, the author, am taking.  It will include my thoughts on the writing process and on publishing and promotion, but will also serve as a means to share any other thoughts I might have, even ones about the real world, about politics or about my life.  I do not plan to restrict what I write to be only about the act of writing.  Although, truth be told, the act of writing is tied to so many things I do and see and feel in my life, that maybe all those other possible things might indeed be -at least tangentially- about writing as well.  We shall see.

For now, I will close this post.  I have some specific task this fine Sunday morning to complete, this post being only a single part.


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