Interim Status

So, I’m currently simultaneously working on three things.  Well, four including this blog.  I’m almost a third of the way through my first novel.  I ran into a doldrums of sorts a bit back and paused there, but I’m gearing up to push past this sticky wicket.

Also, I’m finishing out the total plot-line for the book.  I know roughly what is going to occur, but there’s some meat to put onto that bone to flesh it out a bit.  That’s just part of my process; I map out the way I’m going to go, then describe the trip along the way.  As it stands, I’m concurrently working on books one through four in this respect, which is sort of a must, at least for the initial trilogy, since it tells a single overall story.  Still book fours outline is largely done as well.

Likewise, I’m really big on the universe building.  I would have to say it’s my strongest asset as a writer.  I spend an immeasurable amount of time crafting my universe, describing the people, politics, science and history, so when i come to finally writing the book, I have this compendium of information to build upon.  Unless I don’t and just make stuff up along the way.  I can’t deny ever doing that.

In a way, this is a good way to offset a block on my main writing; i just divert to something else that it immediately inspiring.  I write every day, at least some and it tends to springboard me back into the current novel’s construction quite well.

Anyways, back to finishing Book 4’s outline…


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