Sprucing Up The Captain’s Cabin


So, you know how when you’re young(er) and you get your first place?  Maybe you are fastidious or maybe you’re not, but you really only decorate for yourself and you live there primarily only for yourself.  Your home is a selfish thing.  It’s just for you.  Maybe you have a XBOX 360 attached to your grotesquely huge TV and entertainment center, with a tangle of cables spewing from behind, like you are a modern day Perseus and you tossed Medusa’s head behind the cabinet for safe keeping.  Maybe you have a kitchen with a coffeemaker, a Margarita-ville Mixer with salsa dispenser, 3 spoon, 4 pans and a skillet.  Maybe you have a poster of Doutzen Kroes sprawling skimpily across a vehicle of some sort.  Whatever it is, this is your place and you’ve only really thought about it in those terms so far, because no one ever visits.  Then someone comes knocking and everything changes.

So, this past week, some kind travelers discovered this blog.  And I realized this blog has the equivalent of a half-eaten burger and a stack of Playboys sitting on the coffee table.  Definitely not ready for polite company.  Time for some housekeeping!

First off, I changed the excessively 80’s heavy metal-steampunk fusion header for something more.. sophisticated.  I think.  While my previous header certainly taps into an ambiance the novels will exist within, it just looked… pretentious? Overt?  Amateur.  Good riddance.

Next up: I finally updated the About page.  Two weeks later than I intended.. *ahem*

Also: Widgets!  Some even work!  Hey, I didn’t say everything would be perfect….

Finally, I’ve added the Links page, a glorified links page, yes.. but… Well, it just seemed appropriate.

Anyways, that’s it for tonight.  Hopefully the place looks better.  And now, back to my short synopsis of the fourth book, then maybe do the chapter breakdown for Act 3 of book 1.  So many options.


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