Around the Block… The Longer Way


For the last few days I’ve been beating up against some serious writers block.  I started working on a blog post, something that I’ve wanted to talk about for a very long time.  However, it is something of a rant as well and the dangerous thing about rants is that they’re a lot like 2 day drinking binges; it sounds great at first, but quickly becomes hazardous.  Writing a rant is like the negative of creativity.  You’re propelled by all of this angst and passion, but its not creativity, it’s just solid opinion and self-righteousness with little creative thought.

I believed I could get around that, since my topic would contain some original thought, a re-write of what I consider a badly handled narrative.  Yet, after the first day or so (around 2500 words) I just stalled.  My zeal and passion for the topic were gone, but my obsessiveness forbade me to scrap it or even just to shelve it.  I just kept beating on that dead horse.  It was a couple thousand words; can’t stop now, right?

Wrong.  I learned some time ago that if I hit a brick wall with one writing goal, I simply divert the train to another track; eventually I’ll return to my original course.  That is why I’m always working on working on two of three things at once: my story, the background, the character bios, the tech and the politics.  Even this blog is yet another way for me to skip a track when needed and keep on producing words.  It’s worked marvelously so far, so I’m a wee bit ashamed that I completely forgot about it this weekend.  I suppose a lesson learned is never a negative lesson, even if it seems I’ve wasted all of this time.

What is nice is that for nearly three days, my fingers fought against action like a pack of arthritic pensioners.  Now, with this post, they’re flying across the keyboard again.  That’s a fantastic feeling.  I think that’s one of the things I like most about writing: getting the words down, of expressing the pandorica of my mind.  One day, I hope to share a tale that others will enjoy, that will at least amuse them, hopefully thrill them and perhaps -just maybe- touch them.

It’s something I must never forget.  It’s not about writing well or about cresting some arbitrary hill of prose.  Its about moving forward, maintaining momentum.  It’s about writing anything, everything, all the time.  It doesn’t have to be great, it just has to be good enough.  I’ll leave great for the luminaries. I envy their success, but they didn’t get there by magic or luck.  They got there by putting blood and sweat into the journey.  By going around the block, even if it was the long way around.


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