Thrice passed hence, the best tis yet….

Today, I’m going to depart from novels and steampunk (yet not too far) to share with the world my joy on this day.  Three years ago, I had the highest honor and utter bliss to become married to my lovely, wonderful, supportive wife.  She is my wind of inspiration, my loving toughest critic, my supporter, my heroine.  She is the one that rekindled my desire to write, repaired a spirit long trodden to dust and gave me the spark to reignite my soul.  I write as much for her as for myself.  I could devote an endless parade of words, of homage and love to her, yet this is not a day for my words, but for our wonderful union.  Instead, I’m going to honor her and our marriage by sharing with the world a glimpse back on that day three years ago.

I will admit, I was looking at our wedding pictures and they inspired me beyond just sweet memories of that day.  Unintentionally, there’s a little Victorian flare to our wedding and it has convinced me to incorporate certain aspects of our wedding into that of one of my characters.


For our theme, we chose to celebrate great lovers and romances throughout history.  We both love Victorian and Art Nouveau and this sensibility of course permeated the night.


The venue was a de-sanctified church called Trinity Chapel.  It was intimate, but beautiful, much like the célèbre dame of the evening…

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My wife also hand-pressed velvet bookmarks for our guests.  It was truly a wedding rich in love and soul.294    291

I do not apologize for my groom’s cake.  I’m a Doctor’s man through and through.  The wedding cake was a citrus vanilla flavor, but my cake was banana walnut.

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I cannot express how fortunate I have been in live to have  found my wonderful wife not just once, but twice.  We were separated by the vagaries of existence for nearly twenty years, but somehow, miraculously, found each other again.  We may have celebrated the love and romance of others in the festivities and ambience, but I truly feel to this day, that our love and our romance is no less legendary.

So, this post is dedicated to my lovely, wonderful, intelligent and witty wife, Jennifer.  You are my muse and my foundation.  I shall love you forevermore.

~ Sean


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