Nearing the Half


I thought I’d take a bit of time from NaNoWriMo to post an update about my progress and discuss the event this year.  I’ve been incredibly fortunate in that I have yet to run into any blocks as of yet, but I’ve had plenty of opportunities to step aside and regroup, so I’ve yet to truly exhaust myself too much.  Of course, having a plotline and basic story points sketched out beforehand can make a world of difference.  Still, i have had to devote some time to continuity-checking during the writing process which delays things a bit form time to time.

Currently, I am at 20,604 words.  This is approximately 4000 words above par, so I feel great with my progress.  However, it is not as good as I would like to be doing, so I’m going to double down on my efforts over the next week.  I have it off expressly for NaNoWriMo, a fact I feel incredibly fortunate for.  That being said, my goal for Tuesday night is going to be more than 25000 words total.  This might be difficult as my next chapter will be completely spontaneous, with nothing previously planned.  On one hand, this is great, as I’ve already had some of those wonderful moments when i’m not writing the story, but the story is writing itself, flowing from my hands.  That is a glorious feeling.

I’ve also determined that I need to review and flesh out some earlier chapters, ones written prior to NaNoWriMo.  I’ve introduced a lot more depth and brought some new characters into the forefront that I had previously left unnamed and in the background.  With their added significance, if only as characters with weight and with a specific trajectory in my story, I can’t have them suddenly appearing in Act 2.  That’s just sloppy.

So, I think after I hit the 25k mark, I’m going to review and focus on that.  It might put me a little behind, but technically if I make significant additions, those can count towards my word count as well.

All in all, the entire thing always has me incredibly passionate.  Although it could be said that a good writer is always passionate about their work, I still think that there’s some merit in putting your work into a personal spotlight.  Any work you do should have a consistent drive to excel and that ‘special months’ shouldn’t be necessary.  Yet, I would also say that having a special time can still provide a learning experience.  It forces you to recognize time constraints and to make sacrifices you might not normally make when a specific time frame and goal are not in the equation.  Plus, even successful writers support the cause.  I’m always hoping to see accomplished writers touting NaNoWriMo and I noticed that last year Jeff Vandermeer was involved in a sponsorial position.  I was gobsmacked i missed an opportunity to interact with one of the true notaries of this genre.

At any rate, it’s back to the novel for me.


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