Linen and silk, fruit and flowers

239I’m taking a moment today to commemorate on this blog my fourth wedding anniversary to my amazing wife, Jennifer. As I have mentioned before in my posts, she is the type of incredible person that defies qualification. Her brilliance and insight are a constant guide for me. Her creativity and imagination serve as a constant muse to me, helping me to see new solutions for any issue I might encounter. She possess a heart so filled with love and compassion that sometimes she cannot help but let all of that passion blossom from her. I consider myself a relatively passionate man, but it always amazes me, humbles and invigorates me with the depth of emotion she feels.

I feel so blessed to be with her yet also cursed to have borne her absence for so long in my life prior to the last handful of years. Nonetheless, I am grateful beyond words or measure to have her with me, by me, supporting and encouraging me, today and every day that follows.

I love you, my lovely and loving Jennifer.


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