The Challenge

So, NaNoWriMo is happening next month and its time for me to prepare. Currently, I have a single chapter left in my second act to finish. Why is this important? My plan is to finish my novel by December 1st. That means writing an entire third of my novel in that time. Difficult? Very much so.  Impossible? Eh, no. Luckily I have a (very) few days available to me that I can take off, so my second week is going to be Push Week. Hell, every week will be ‘Push Week‘ in some respect.   In that week, I’ll have a 4 day span where I will have no work to prevent me from focusing on my novel. Now, in typical form, I’ll have my laptop at work to write during lunch and breaks and my wife is always wonderful/amazing/fantastic about giving me the freedom to let my lit-freak flag fly during that month.

That being said, my second challenge is going to be getting her to write as well. She has some amazing ideas squeezed into that beautiful brain and I plan to coerce her into letting some of them out. I’d love for her to feel free to express her creativity and she has some of the most touching and imaginative ideas that I’ve ever seen. I’d love for us to become a beloved writing couple. Perhaps one day we could collaborate on something. That would be amazing. But she has to start writing first. HINT! HINT! Jennifer!

So, I definitely have my work cut out for me. I know I can do it; I wrote almost as much for last year’s NaNoWriMo. So, I’ll be posting my progress pre-NaNo and during NaNo as a log of how things are going. This is always a stressful yet exciting time and this year looks to be no less stressful or exciting. And with the added milestone of finally completing my monolithic first draft, I can’t wait!


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