Challenge Completed!

success2Earlier in the month, I’d set myself a challenge to complete the first two-thirds of my novel by November 1st.  There was some doubt and hesitation on my part, but I managed to complete the first two acts and am heading into NaNoWriMo ready to finish this novel.

Of course, I’ve come to some unpleasant but unavoidable realizations, such as the fact that the novel is a door stop right now and will need some serious trimming to ever be able to present to an agent, let alone a publisher, but I’m already considering some cuts right now.

However, now is a time for celebration, not review.  This will be a special NaNo and November for me.  Perhaps for Christmas I’ll have a finished and edited first draft, ready for my beta readers.  Who know, I might even put a chapter on my blog!


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