NaNoWriMo is here!

PrintToday marks the 1st day of National Novel Writers Month and this should be a milestone one for me as well as being the last of its kind? What do I mean? First off, by the end of this month, I will have finished my 1st manuscript, most likely clocking in at an epic and unwieldy (and no doubt unmarketable) 220,000 words or more. Suck on that Tolstoy!

For the past four years, I’ve used NaNoWriMo to super charge my writing on this single manuscript. I can’t say I’m exactly proud of my slow progress, but it’s been a learning experience, so I’ll forgive myself on that basis alone. First time writer and all that.

Next year, no excuses. I have two excellent new ideas, one of which is positively a novel length idea (and perhaps a second series); the other could be a great novella or novel and itself could be a new series. That’s not saying this series will disappear, but I’m not going to use November as a NOS-injected session again: it will be an interlude, a chance to write something different, expand my craft and perhaps find new ideas to explore more in depth later. The Shattered Clockwork Saga has to be my focus the rest of the year and it must be treated with the passion it deserves. No more saying: Eh, I’ll just do X during NaNoWriMo.

So, 1/3 of a novel in one month? Can I do it? Hell yes, I can. Strap in guys, I sense a wild ride coming.


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