My many thanks

ThanksgivingHere in the United States, today is Thanksgiving Day. There is a lot of dark history behind this day, but ideally, the day can still be enjoyed as one of fellowship and gratitude. This has been a very dark year, although it is neither the first of such years, nor it is likely to be the last. The world (and my own country) is gradually becoming steadily darker as a result. Thus, my first thanks would be for the safety of my friends and family both local and abroad and my prayers go out to all of the people caught in war-torn areas, to the survivors in Paris, to any victims of monsters in the guise of man, and to all of the mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers of those who have died and keep dying to the plague of gun violence in our country. This year has been a living hell for you and will continue to be one of the worst, so my hope is that you find some peace and solace soon.

My next thanks of course is for the wonderful and uplifting presence of my wife. She is the bedrock that gives me solid footing and the wind that lifts me skyward. She has been my most stalwart defender (and sometimes most earnest critic) and is by far my best friend. I am grateful for every day I have with her and lament every day I have not shared with her in my past and for any day I cannot share with her in my future. I look forward to all of the years we might still have together.

My final thanks is for the joy of my writing. I have found a fullness in my soul since I reawakened the writer inside me, a sense of pursuing that desire which for so long was unfulfilled. I am grateful for the freedom to pursue it and for the inspiration that I gain both for writing and through writing. People can go their entire lives without feeling they are pursuing their calling. I have been given that gift, of seeing something I feel drawn to do as well as peace in my belief that whether I succeed or fail in my pursuit, I am thankful that I could even try.

So, no matter what nationality or creed that you might be, I hope you can find the equanimity to put down your pens or take your fingers off of the keys and enjoy a relaxing afternoon spending time with your friends and family. Forget your word counts for a few hours and just bask in the glow of those who surround you. Take a break, share a pint with friends, a joyous evening with family, or a few glowing hours with a lover. Find those people or those things that make your life worthwhile and enrich you in ways that words can scarcely describe and give thanks for them. They are the best of life’s fruits and must be savored while they can; joy and happiness are all too often seasonal, touched by winter’s withering touch.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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