Been away a long time …

It’s been too long since I posted on The Write Path. I’d like to say I’ve been busy hammering out a novel and getting it published, but I can’t say that. Rather, a great many things have occurred in the last few months and I unfortunately let some things – this blog and my writing in general – fall by the wayside.

Creativity Prismatic
titleActually, that’s not entirely true. Yes, the blog has been horribly neglected, but my writing has simply become less focused and more broad-base. I’ve put my main novel on hold for a bit, to re-evaluate some of its content and concepts as well as work on a couple of short stories. Additionally, I’m focusing some of my creative efforts on a project for my wife, The Burnesyd Magical Muggle Railway. I re-posted something from the blog a week or two ago and we may see some cross-over here and there, from time to time. It’s a Harry Potter-themed model railroad display I’m working on for the next Christmas season (hopefully), so it will be the point of some of my creative focus as well. Check it out if you are interested and get the chance. Of more focus on my writing, I’ve also recently joined a review group with my wife and the talented Kim Ventrella, who is in the midst of releasing her 1st novel, Skeleton Tree, a middle grade novel slated for fall 2017 release.

Idle Tears, Idle Rage
I must admit that much of my ‘derailment’ stems from two events. The first was theIMG_0164[1] passing of my beloved dog Boomer. I’d detailed his fight on the blog in posts from 2015 and in earlier 2016. This last fall he began to slowly diminish until he finally passed on December 20th. Even now, his loss still has a great impact on me; he was without doubt, my best buddy and I will never replace his loss from my life. I must admit that the persistence of my grief has been unusual and I’ve even had a few people suggesting that it is time to move on.  However, I know that there’s no right or wrong way to grieve and ultimately, Boomer meant a great deal to me.

The other event would be the election (and more recently, the inauguration) of Donald Trump. Mr. Trump is perhaps the most blatantly dishonest and duplicitous electee to the office of President in the history of this United States, even accounting for a villain like Nixon. In his first 100 days, he has systematically (and thankfully: largely ineptly) try to attack everything that I cherish about our nation and our democracy. If it were just him, it would have less of an impact. However, the worst of it for me is the fundamental psychological dysmorphia of the nation since his election. The inception and large scale acceptance of ‘alt truth’ and ‘alt facts’, the wholesale prostitution of the Republican party’s patriotism and civic duty for the sake of expediency and power, and (worst of all) the willful ignorance so many people are showing towards his many misdeeds, usually for the sake of a single issue, is… democratically appalling. Believe me when I say that I’ll be making further posts on this topic.

TrumpocalypseGamingThankfully, I’ve become energized and enraged (and engaged) by this, even to the point of accepting a (quasi) public ‘office’, that of vice chair for my voting district. Yes, it’s silly, but it is a positive action. Additionally, if less importantly, I founded the Trumpocalypse Gaming Night, a quarterly get-together of people for fun, board games, and some good old Trump-bashing. Is it politically effective? Perhaps not. However, I think that the more people who purposefully do not accept the normalization of Trump’s insane Greater America, the better we will be. He thrives on praise and is driven insane by criticism and (oh, especially) ridicule. So, if the current occupant of the Presidency is a child who gets his feelings hurt when people disagree, I see that as a challenge to mock him more. It’s a form of activism, if not particularly active.

The Blog, Expanded
So, moving forward, I’m going to be a bit more broad spectrum with this blog. Clearly, I’m still going to focus on my writer’s path, but – given the type of world we’re now living in – expect a few more esoteric, political or philosophic posts as well. Especially now.

If you are still receiving my blog posts and you read something that impassions you, I encourage you to respond, either on this site or on Facebook. I welcome your interaction and am always open to a good discussion. For now, I wish you all the best and look forward to sharing more with you, either on The Write Path or the BMMR site.




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