Oh, Inconsistent Author!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

victorian heartI’d like to start this post by apologizing for my absence for the last two weeks or so. There’s been a lot going on that has diverted me, if not in my schedule, at least in my mental space. Unfortunately, my focus hasn’t been on my writing as much as it should and my blog has suffered the most. I regret this as I look forward to sharing with my readers and I’ve left you in the dark for too long now. I’m going to keep today’s post short and light on the ‘big thoughts’ portion, just basically to share some of the things that have been occurring over the past month or so. Perhaps it might explain a bit as to why I’ve been so absent of late.

The most impactful news to share would be that my wife and I are about to buy a home, our first together (our first at all, really). I’ve held off mentioning it before, if only because I’m superstitious to a degree and did not want to jinx the deal. Now that we’re a week away from signing and all of the various parties are in accordance, I feel safe enough in its inevitability to share the information. It’s a beautiful little house (well not so little: 2100 sq ft) with a lot of character. It’s a mid century Modern, so it has a very unique late 60s-early 70’s vibe with some very interesting architectural features. I fell in love with it and its quirky charms and I feel a great surge of creativity in it, so that is promising on its own.

steamboomerNext would be of course Boomer, my dog. When last I mentioned him, he’d undergone some very serious surgery and is now nicely on the mend. He’s feeling much better and has gained nearly 10 pounds. In general, his vitals are promising for now. In the end, Boomer is very much back to his normal self. Below you can see him napping before his next adventure on the airship East Wind.

Which brings me to my novel. With so much going on, I’ve allowed myself to become somewhat distracted by a variety of things. However, I’ve become part of a Facebook group, a circle of writers, wherein we set attainable daily goals to strive for. My current goal is very modest: 500 words and 30 minutes. Therefore I must write at least 500 words and for at least 30 minutes. It is by no means a professional pace nor ambitious, but I plan to upgrade this once the entire home-buying process is complete and other life concerns have grown more normal.

Anyways, I apologize again for my absence and look forward to sharing on my blog at a more regular pace moving forward. I know this will be difficult come mid-March, when we will be moving, but my goal is to have some posts queued up for that time, so there is not the same interlude there has been of late. Thank you for being subscribers and I hope to return to form for you soon.


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