Tool Time

The mechanics of writing concerns the construction of a narrative, the way we assemble words into sentences and sentences into paragraphs and paragraphs into chapters and chapters into a complete story. Its a collection of skills, things we’ve been learning since we were young enough to read, but which require a writer years to master and perfect. It is an art that requires both boundless creativity and inscrutable perfection to create something meaningful and worthwhile. But just as a painter requires a canvas, brushes and paint, so does a writer require their own tools, mechanical and separate from the art of writing, yet no less essential in their own right.

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A New Year

It has been two weeks since last I posted, so for those that read my blog, I apologize for the absence.  It’s been a busy and trying two weeks and some of my absence can be attributed not only to general holiday celebrations and activities, but also two different raging illnesses.  Thankfully, Christmas and New Years are over and I have a new year to look forward to.  My wife and I have both came away from the season with a definite desire for a simpler Christmas next year.  Something quieter, less expensive and far less hectic.  For me, something where I’m not fixing Christmas dinner.

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