Daily Prophet, May 3rd, 2017

Here’s my latest post from my model railway blog; sort of a three-for-one. It’s a preliminary build-up towards the actual beginning of destruction and includes some interesting historical tidbits from the Harry Potter books. If you enjoy the series, it might be worth a look.



Burnesyd Magical Muggle Railway

Make sure to read our thrilling expose on the Muggle who would master the Magical Train! Is an American trying to steal a cultural icon of the Wizarding World? The Daily Prophet has come into possession of documentation that suggests an American Muggle is formulating plans to steal the Hogwarts Express. Our competitor The Quibbler and their investigative staff claim that this American is only making a ‘model train display’, but the editorial staff of The Daily Prophet feels something more nefarious is afoot and have formally requested that the MACUSA investigate this Muggle and his plans to steal the Hogwarts Express for his own means as well as determine if anyone in our own suspiciously Muggle-friendly Ministry of Magic is aiding him! CLICK HERE to investigate this conspiracy yourself.

ALSO! Rita Skeeter uncovers the secret origin of the Hogwarts Express! Is this yet another of Dumbledore’s secret agendas…

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